Monday, April 2, 2012

Let Poetry Month begin!

poetry month starts
with a whisper, a rhyme, a
cascade of word song

Up first, I started Love that Dog with 4th graders (most of whom have never read it before).  I read the poems Miss Stretchberry uses (in the back of the book) FIRST, so that the students have some background on what Jack is talking about.  We made it up to March 1st today.  They were begging me to continue. I was already getting a little choked up while reading it aloud (I read it yesterday in anticipation and was fine - there is something about sharing it out loud that gets me!)  Their attention was complete.  I loved the guffaws over the first page ("I don't want to/because boys/don't write poetry. Girls do.")

With 1st and 2nd graders, I shared funny, silly poems, rhyming poems, haikus, and where to FIND them in the library.  Got a poem emergency? Find 811!

I can't WAIT to start creating poems with my students.  Here are the books that were featured today in the library!

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Hannahlily said...

Love your Haiku! That's so clever! Oh, to experience Love that Dog for the first time again. What a perfect book in verse.