Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Books to borrow, read them tomorrow...

Haiku (review) of the day: (inspired by emilyreads.com)

Like Charlotte, Ivan
artfully fights for his friends.
Some (mall) Gorilla.

Today in the library:  Kindergartners learned about types of poetry from Annie and Moby on BrainPOP Jr.  We then took that knowledge and applied it by co-writing an acrostic poem about the library! (I will write these up on chart paper and they will help me to decorate them for display in the library.)


First graders talked about preparing for Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 26th!) and read from these books:

Speaking of reading books tomorrow - I seriously need to take a look at my TBR pile - it's getting out of control. And by pile, I mean books strewn all over my car, nightstand, dining room table, kindle, etc.  I need a sorted priority list.  Before that, I'll just start with Addie on the Inside - in honor of poetry month!

Metaphors be with you!


Ms. Drew said...

Love your haiku-a-day idea!

Ms. Broderick said...

Thanks ED! It's been really fun! And I told a lot of the kids, so they try to help me :)