Friday, March 23, 2012

Book titles + Stacking = POETRY!

I heard of book spine poetry for the first time a few years ago, thanks to Travis Jonker over at  I tried it with 5th graders for the past 2 years and they came up with some amazing poems.  This year, my student teacher and I decided to try it with first graders - and we were very impressed with their creativity!
A selection of the 1st grade book spine poems, ready for sharing!

They had been learning about the Super3 (Plan, Do, Review) and we decided to make creating book spine poems an activity to practice the process of planning, doing and reviewing.  Honestly, I was a little worried about the chaos that would ensue, but it was totally worth it!  We preselected some titles for them (just for the sake of time) and put them out on tables all over the library.

The rush to pick titles!

The book spine poems they came up with were witty, insightful, funny and silly. It was a great experience for all.  As a follow up, each class reviewed what they did to create their poems and planned out a lesson to teach to first graders in a different school.
Class brainstorm to plan the Skype lesson!

Yesterday we held a Skype session to teach those first graders about book spine poems and how to start making their own - it was a huge success!  The kids felt invested in the process and proud to be the "teachers" - giving directions and sharing their examples.  I can't wait for more poetry fun in April!

Here's some of their work:

Rose 1H

Niamh 1W

Daniil 1W

Gaby 1W

Owen 1H

Vivi 1M

Lyanna 1W

Amanda 1M

Sam 1M

Ross 1M


PattiK said...

Love it, we had already started to plan this same type of project for Poetry Month

Cynthia said...

Love the book spine poems! Just finished trying it with 6th graders. Thanks. :)