Thursday, September 20, 2012

The 5 Best Things...

....About TODAY!

(This is a copy of the post I just sent to the staff at my elementary school - it was sparked by the idea of sending out a monthly? weekly? 5 Best Things... tech tips email or post and then was overrun by all of the wonderful things that happened during my day. Skip to the bottom for the pictorial evidence.)

1. I got to meet Newbery Award winning author Sharon Creech. She is lovely and talented and one of the best storytellers I know. Love. That. Author. She hugged me and asked me to write down my Twitter name (SEE?!) - OK, that was just bragging.  The message I really wanted to send is: Want to connect with authors? Talk to me about Twitter.

2. In the hallway after my 2nd grade classes, a boy walked by and asked if I had seen the joke book he had checked out in library.  I told him I hadn't, but I HAD heard him laughing, so he should remember some to tell me later.  As he walked away he said (and I CAN'T MAKE THIS UP) "I have quite a crush on that book!".  Message: Our students are AWESOME and I need to get that quote on a poster, stat.

3. After school I sat in 45 minutes of traffic to get to an Educator Appreciation event at Wellesley Booksmith.  I got to hear about a whole bunch of new books, AND I left with a bag full of free books and book-related swag.  Message: Independent bookstores rule and often give teachers free stuff. And, if you're looking for a Captain Underpants temporary tattoo, I'm your lady.

4. While I was there, I was finally able to purchase 2 copies of The One and Only Ivan and use my nifty random number generator to choose the winners.  Drum roll please....... The two lucky staff members to win a copy of this amazing story are Lisa McLellan and Jen Toran!  Message: Zervas staff rocks and I love to give stuff away. I'm already plotting my next raffle.

5. Tip of the Day: You can send pictures from your phone to your computer via the Bump app.  It is ridiculously easy.  You literally tap your phone on the spacebar. And - DONE! I heard about it yesterday and I just did it.  Message: Learning about this made me want to pass it on to all of you, which made me think of doing a "regular" 5 best things... for Tech Tips, which then made me think of all of the other highlights of the day and I coudn't stop typing.  Sorry! 

These are in no particular order because at any given moment that was the BEST part of the day.  You know those days that you really love your job and it makes up for all of the frustrating times? This was literally like a 10 star day (because I didn't even mention meeting Peter H. Reynolds and him signing his new book Sky Color for us, OR the awesome Skype session 2nd graders had with 2nd graders in Maryland about The Dot (also Peter H. Reynolds)).  Message: Do you want to try Skype in your classroom? Talk to me!  Do you think you would read/benefit from a 5 Best Things.... post? Talk to me!

Your nerdybookclub representative,
Skyping with @MatthewWinner's class in Maryland!
How would YOU make your mark?
Dot creation!

Happy Dot Day-ish!
Love that Author!

The Great Unexpected - a picture with Sharon Creech!

Where all the magic happened... An amazing store!

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Matthew C. Winner said...

Hey!!! I made it onto your blog!!! Thanks for connecting with us for Dot Day. My students look forward to more opportunities to connect with your school in the future. Thanks for being an amazing teacher librarian, Erin!